Akousmata 2 - 13th Audiovisual Arts Festival

A South Wind Will Bring the Sand. Akousmata 2 - 13th Audiovisual Arts Festival. 6-12 May 2019. Corfu  - Greece. 


Musicacoustica Festival. Beijing Central Conservatory of Music. Beijing. China.

BF. CIME/ICEM - Greece (HELMCA). Curation of the concert and diffusion: Konstantinos Karathanasis.


Tempo Reale Festival. Suono Vivo Y. Limonaia di Villa Strozzi. Florence.

Arioso Dolente/Beethoven op. 110. Winter Landscape I: Brussels. Portrait d'une Manifestante. 


EMS Conference. Electroacoustic Music: is it still a form of experimental music? Vila Finaly. Florence. Paris VIII University.

The Missing Link in the Experimentalism of Electroacoustic Music. (paper)


DCAC Conference on Digital Cultures & Audiovisual Challenges. Ionian Academy. Corfu. Greece.

The Soundscape of a Terrorist Attack as Materiology for Live Performance and its Performative, Social and Ethical Implications. (paper)


12th Audiovisual Arts Festival. Ionian Parliament. Corfu. Greece.

Tyto ALba. asabe ensemble.


12th Audiovisual Arts Festival. Ionian Parliament. Corfu. Greece.

Winter Landscape I: Brussels.


Festival di Musica Contemporanea. Ex Manifattura Tabacchi. Cagliari. Italy.

La Mer Profonde. Diffusion: Marco Dibeltulu.


Live Electronics

Pura Vida Helenica. Gregorio Jimenez Paya. Theodoros Lotis. Andreas Mniestris. Dimitrios Savva.


Off Borders Festival. A4M Center. Thessaloniki.

Arioso Dolente/Beethoven op.110.


Lecture at University of Macedonia.

Mountains are not mountains. Sonic palettes in music composition.

December 2017

Mediateca Emeroteca del Mediterraneo. Cagliari. Italy.

Cagliari di Piu. Sound Installation.

Every May 1st Cagliari in Sardinia celebrates its patron Saint Efisio (Sagra di Sant'Efisio). Thousands of people dressed in colourful uniforms follow the procession with its statue singing traditional songs. The bustling soundscape is completed with processions with horses, church bells, the traditional instruments launaddas and ship horns from the port. The sounds used for the installation are recorded by L. Garau, G. Malatray, M. Clemente and M. Murgia.

10 & 17.12.2017

Interviews at SKAI FM

Modernism in Greek Music. With G. Zervos.

Electroacoustic Music in Greece. With A. Loufopoulos.

2 interviews with Renata Dalianoudi and Aris Portosalte.


Festival LOOP. Classique au Senghor. Forum de Compositeurs. Espace Senghor. Brussels. Belgium.

Portrait d’une Manifestante. Participation in Daniel Perez Hajdu’s Carte Blanche concert.


Electroacoustic Music Days. TEI of Rethymnon. Crete. Greece.

Portrait d’une Manifestante.


Influx Festival. Stage d'interpretation spatialisse. Concert finale. Espace Senghor. Brussels.

La Mer Bleue. 

 Organised by Influx - Musiques & Recherches. 


XI Audiovisual Arts Festival. The Megaron Concert Hall. Athens Greece.

Portrait d’une Manifestante.


Festival di Musica Contemporanea de Cagliari. Manifattura Tabacchi. Cagliari. Italy.

Portrait d’une Manifestante. Organised by Amici della Musica de Cagliari.


Echochroma XV. Jubilee Room. James Graham Building. Leeds Beckett University. UK.

Portrait d’une Manifestante. Participation in David Berezan’s concert.


Sounds Around Me Festival. Mehrzwecksaal - Akademie der Bildenden Kunste Wien. Austria.

Winter Landscape 1: Brussels (for narrator and computer) -  Arioso Dolente/Beethoven op.110 - Instant of a Crystal Glass - Portrait d'une Manifestante. I also performed works by D. Savva and O. Karamanlis. Co-organisation: The acousmatic Project & Alte Schmiede Kunstverein Wien.


One Small Step Urban Dance Festival. Palace of St. Michael and St. George. Corfu. Greece.

Music composed for a choreography by Christina Metrzani and Evangelos Poulinas.


Vida Laska Festival. The island of Vido. Greece.

Vida Laska. Music composed and performed for an open space choreography by Evangelia Randou and Achilleas Chariscos.


The Flux Project & Guests. Polytechno. Corfu. Greece.

Guitar and electronics. With Daniel Carter (saxophones), Stephanos Chytiris (drums), Bram de Looze (piano), Luca Rosenfeld (bass).


Audiovisual Arts Festival. ROD. California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). Los Angeles. USA - Polytechno. Corfu. Greece.

dataDADA: Α live performance with voice & audiovisual installation which can be performed either as an outdoor or an indoor installation. Inspired by dadaism and following Tristan Tzara’s instructions on how to create a Dadaist poem, we create a performance which experiments with multidimensional space as opposed to sound, visual arts and internet. Anna Pangalou, performer / mezzosoprano Theodoros Lotis, composer / sound artist COM.ODD.OR video artists (Sofia Papadopoulou, Dionysis Sidirokastritis) Panos Pandis, programmer Constantine Nissidis, new media artist Martin Velez, musician, creative technologist, sound engineer and digital artist.


BEAST FEaST Festival 2016 - RealUnreal. Elgar Concert Hall. The University of Birmingham. UK.

Portrait d’une Manifestante


Live Electronics @ Polutechno. Corfu. Greece.

Celebration concert for the 5th anniversary of Polutechno.


Contemporary Dance and Improvisation. Polytechno. Corfu. Greece.

Dancers: Christina Mertzani, Edgen Lame. Lights: Michalis Kapetanides.


FETA quintet. National Museum of Modern Art. Moni Lazariston. Thessaloniki. Greece.

The Soundscapes of the Lakes Prespes. Live Electronics.


X BIMESP (Bienal Internacional de Musica Electroacustica de Sao Paulo). Teatro Maria de Lourdes Sekeff. Instituto de Artes da UNESP. Sao Paulo. Brazil.

Sibylla’s Voice in Annette Vande Gorne’s carte blanche concert. Performed by Annette Vande Gorne.


Intuitive Improvisations. Polytechno. Corfu. Greece.

Elainie Lillios and the asabe ensemble of the Ionian University.


Exchange concerts between the Ionian University and Musiques & Recherches - Influx. Espace Senghor. Brussels. Belgium.

For the Brussels’ concert I have curated a program with works by composers from the Ionian University, including G. Kalodiki, I. Eloul, P. Amelides, N. Palamaris, Ch. Zahos and my Instant of a Crystal Glass. The Corfiot concert was diffused by Annette Vande Gorne.


Composition Electroacoustique et Musique Acousmatique en Grece. Espace Senghor. Brussels. Belgium.

Portrait d’une Manifestante. Commissioned by Musiques et Recherches. I also curated a concert with Greek Composers, performed by G. Kalodiki and P. Amelides:  “Au premier Janvier 2014, la Grece prend pour la cinquieme fois la presidence de’Union Europeenne. Ce pays regorge d’un nombre etonnant de talents dans le domain de la composition electroacoustique. Musiques et Recherches invite Theodoros Lotis a interpreter sur son acousmonium quelques oeuvres de ses compatriots N. Stavropoulos, P. Kokoras, D. Savva, Th. Karkatselas, A. Loufopoulos, O. Karamanlis. Theodoros Lotis presentera aussi sa nouvelle creation (compose en residence a M&R.)”. Espace Senghor.



Live in the Bus no.2.

A Site and Time Specific Concert. The asabe ensemble  of the Ionian University.


7th Audiovisual Arts Festival. Sound and the City. Ionian Academy. Corfu. Greece.


New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival NYCEMF. Segal Hall CUNY. NY. USA.

Exchange concerts between NYCEMF and the Audiovisual Arts Festival in Corfu. For the NY concert I have curated a program with works by Greek composers, including A. Mniestris, A. Loufopoulos, O. Karamanlis. Th. Karkatselas and my Arioso Dolente/Beethoven op.110. The NYCEMF will take place April 2-16, 2013 at the CUNY Graduate Centre, 365 Fifth Avenue and at various other locations in NY. It is dedicated to showcasing the best electroacoustic music and video from all over the world in NY city, through a multi-day festival in different venues. 


ZHMens ensemble. Electric Nights. Beton7. Athens. Greece.

Live electronics and saxophones. ZHMens ensemble (Th. Lotis A. Mniestris F. Theoharides). Organised by Medea Electronique.


John Cage: The Keyboards. SGT Onassis Cultural Centre. Athens. Greece.

Participation in Nikos Laaris’ concert. Live electronic processing for Cage’s HPSCD.


ZHMens ensemble. Across the Great Divide. SGT Onassis Cultural Centre. Athens. Greece.

October 2012

The University of Ioannina. Greece.

Tribal Cities. A music and video interactive installation.


Listening Cities-Urban Soundscapes. Alte Schmiede & the University of Music and Performing Arts. Vienna. Austria.


6th Audiovisual Arts Festival. Art in the City. Ionian Academy. Corfu. Greece.


6th Audiovisual Arts Festival. Ionian Parliament. Corfu. Greece.

Live electronics. ZHMens ensemble (Th. Lotis A. Mniestris F. Theoharides).


di.p.art Festival. Old Military Camp Kodra. Thessaloniki. Greece.

Live with ZHMens.


ZHMens ensemble. Polytechno. Corfu. Greece.

Live electronics. ZHMens ensemble (T. Lotis A. Mniestris F. Theoharides).


NYU New Music and Dance Ensemble. Frederick Loewe Theatre. NY. USA.                       

Invited composer at the NUY Steinhardt. Li Po. (flute: Nicolas Handahl). The New Music and Dance Ensemble performed and improvised on my music. (Dir: Esther Lamneck). 


Beton7, Athens. Greece.

Li Po. Flute: Myrto Korkokiou.


Electroacoustic Music Days. TEI of Rethymnon. Crete. Greece.

Li Po.


Ambiant Creativity EU joint research program. Art Science Technologie. PHELMA MINATEC. Grenoble. France.

Li Po. Flute: Julian Elvira. Organised by l’ACROE.

11.11. 2011

Polytechno. Corfu. Greece.

ΕΡΗΜΕΕ Ensemble (Th. Lotis, A. Mniestris, F. Theoharides). Live Electronics.


Nuevos Encuentros Sonoros. Auditorio German Arciniegas. Biblioteca Nacional de Colombia.

Li Po. Flute: Julian Elvira. Live Electronics: Gregorio Jimenez.           

11.10. 2011

TempoReale Festival. Listening Cities. Villa Strozzi. Florence. Italy.

Instant of a Crystal Glass. Performed by A. Mniestris.


16.06. 2011

EMS11 Conference: Sforzando. Greenwich House Music School. NY. USA.

Theories Underwater.

29.05. 2011

5th Audiovisual Festival. Polytechno. Corfu. Greece.

ΕΡΗΜΕΕ Ensemble (Th. Lotis, A. Mniestris, F. Theoharides) and Julio d’Escrivan. Live Electronics.

27.05. 2011

5th Audiovisual Festival. Ionian Academy. Corfu. Greece.

Theories Underwater.

18.5. 2011

Orpheus Unplugged. Sound Studio Concert. Performance Space. City University. London. UK.

13.05. 2011

Polytechno. Corfu. Greece.

ΕΡΗΜΕΕ Ensemble (Th. Lotis, A. Mniestris, F. Theoharides) and Andrew Bentley. Live Electronics.

May 2011

Avgo. Video Installation by Mariana Strapatsaki. Choros 18 Gallery. Medusa Art Gallery.


Concert Acousmatique International. Espace Senghor. Brussels. Belgium.

30.10. 2010

Electroacoustic Music Days. Municipal Theatre of Corfu. Greece.

Live with A. Mniestris, G.Gimenez, J-L. Gialliana.

19.08. 2010

VIII BIMESP 2010 (Bienal Internacional de Música Electroacústica de São Paulo. Instituto de Artes da UNESP. Teatro Maria de Lourdes Sekeff. Brazil.

3-6.08. 2010

4o Festival de Musica Electroacustica. Escuela de Artes Musicales de la Universidad de Costa Rica. San Jose.

15.05. 2010

ENSEMS. 32o Festival Internacional de Musica Contemporanea. Instituto Frances de Valencia. Spain.


Multiphonies GRM. Salle Olivier Messiaen. INA-GRM. Radio France. Paris.

100th anniversary of the birth of Pierre Schaeffer.


Piano Metamorphoses. The Megaron Concert Hall. Athens. Geece.

Participation in Christos Papageorgiou’s concert.


New Media Events. 10th Birthday Series. MTI De Montfort University. Leicester. UK.


Electroacoustic Music Days. TEI of Kefalonia. Greece.


Mantis International Festival. The Martin Harris Centre. University of Manchester. UK.


Concert of electroacoustic music. Ionian Academy. Corfu. Greece.


Los Angeles Sonic Odyssey. Pasadena. L.A. USA.


Concierto Acusmático. Museo Elder de la Ciencia de las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Spain.


ICEM Konsert. IDKA (Instituten för Digitala Konstarter). Sweden.


Electroacoustic Music Days. TEI of Rethymnon. Crete. Greece.

A South Wind Will Bring the Sand.


XV Festival Puntro de Encuentro. CIME/UNESCO. Club Diario Levante. Valencia. Spain.

  A South Wind Will Bring the Sand.


Electro Greece. Department of Music and Performing Arts. Anglia Ruskin University. Cambridge. UK.

A South Wind Will Bring the Sand. Arioso Dolente/Beethoven op.110.


Musique Concrete: 60 years. Ionian Academy. Corfu. Greece.

Anniversary concert. 60 years after the first hearing of the 5 Etudes de Bruits of P. Schaeffer on October 5th 1948.


Concert of electroacoustic music. Old Fortress. Corfu. Greece.


ElectroMedia Works. Art Factory. Athens. Greece.


NYU New Music Ensemble. Frederick Loewe Theatre. NY. USA

New Music Ensemble of the NYU Steinhardt improvised on my music. Artistic Director: Esther Lamneck.


Concert of the Hellenic Association of Electroacoustic Music Composers. School of Music and Sonic Arts. S.A.R.C., Queens University. Belfast. Ireland.


Concierto CIME & Asociacón de Música Electroacústica de España. Club Diario Levante. Valencia. Spain.

Instant of a Crystal Glass. 


Electroacoustic Music Concert. Merrill Ellis Intermedia Theatre. University of North Texas. USA.

The University of North Texas Center for Experimental Music and Intermedia (CEMI). Concert curated by Konstantinos Karathanasis.


XII Primavera en la Havana International Festival. Basilica Menor del Convento San Francisco de Asis. Havana. Cuba.

Concert including my music and Greek composers.


Hellenic Electro-accoustic Music Week. Firth Hall. The University of Sheffield. UK.                              


Visiones Sonoras Festival. CMMAS. Morelia. Mexico City. Mexico.

  Instant of a Crystal Glass. Premiere. Commissioned by Visiones Sonoras Festival. Organised by CMMAS.


Electroacoustic Music Days. TEI Kefallonia. Greece.


NEUE-MUSIK. Internationale Tendenzen Elektroakustischer Musik. Weimar. Germany.

Shadows. Participation in Hans Tutschku’s concert.


SMC Sound and Music Computing Conference. Lefkas. Greece.

Arioso Dolente/Beethoven op.110. SMC and the University of Athens.


Two Days in Arts and Technologies. Soundscapes Virtualscapes. Ionian Academy. Corfu. Greece.

May 2007

Municipal Theatre of Corfu. Greece.

Ecolapsis. Music for the Ionian Act dance company. Choreographer: Sofiana Kanta.



Synthèse 2006. Théâtre Jacques Cœur. Bourges. France.

Arioso Dolente/Beethoven op.110. 


Two Days in Arts and Technologies. Ionian Academy. Corfu. Greece.


Concert de Créations. Musiques et Recherches. Petit Théâtre Mercelis. Brussels. Belgium.


Au Fil de l’ Eau. Musiques et Recherches. Péniche Equisonnance. Pont des Trous. Tournai. Belgium.


Electroacoustic Music Days. TEI Rethymno. Greece.


ΧII Festival Acousmatique International L'Espace du Son-Nuit Bleu. Théâtre Marni. Brussels. Belgium.


Electroacoustic Music Marathon. Goethe Institute. Athens. Greece.


Ciclo de Música Electroacústica. Electroacústica Global. CECh Comunidad Electroacústica de Chile. Sala SCD Bellavista. Chile.

Arioso Dolente/Beethoven op.110. Performed by Rodrigo Sigal.


2o Festival di Musica Acusmatica Amici della Musica di Cagliari. Cagliari EXMA. Italy.           

Theories Underwater.


Kulturelles Veranstaltungsverzeichnis der Universität zu Köln. Musiksaal. Köln. Germany.


Electronic Music from the Near Future. Evgenidio Institute. Athens. Greece.

  Arioso Dolente/Beethoven op.110. 


Electroacoustic Music Days. Ionian Academy. Corfu. Greece.


ΧI Festival Acousmatic International L'Espace du Son. Théâtre Marni. Brussels. Belgium.


1o Festival di Musica Acusmatica. Cagliari Exma. Italy.

La Mer.


Concerts of Electroacoustic Music. Ionian Academy. Corfu. Greece.

Theories Underwater. Post concert improvisation with A. Mniestris, A. Monopolis, Ch. Zahos.

28. 4.2004

Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music. Queens University-SARC. Belfast. Ireland.                                                     

A South Wind Will Bring the Sand. Performed by Denis Smalley.


Contemporary Music Days. Old Municipal Hospital. Patra. Greece.


Music at Theseion. Theatre Theseion. Athens. Greece.


Concert of Electroacoustic Music. Ionian Academy. Corfu. Greece.

  Arioso Dolente/Beethoven op.110. La Mer (Bleue. Profonde).


Concierto Electromusicontemporanea. Universidad de Castilla. La Mancha. Spain.

La Mer. Performed by Rodrigo Sigal.


Electroacoustic Music Marathon. Goethe Institute. Athens. Greece.


Χ Festival Acousmatic International L'Espace du Son. Théâtre Marni. Brussels. Belgium.


Electroacoustic Music Days. Ionian Academy. Corfu. Greece.


Rien a Voir Festival. L’Espace Go. Montreal. Canada.

Arioso Dolente/Beethoven op.110. Concert of the Jeu de Temps-Time Play Prizes.


International Computer Music Conference (ICMC 2003). The International Computer Music Association. Singapore.


5th Euromech Solid Mechanics Conference (ESMC-5- Euromech). Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Greece.

Arioso Dolente/Beethoven op.110 (5.1 version). Collaboration with G. Papanikolaou.


Contemporary Music Days. Old Municipal Hospital. Patra. Greece.


25th Electroacoustic Music Series. Department of Music. City University. London. UK.


IX Festival Acousmatic International  L'Espace du Son. Théâtre Marni. Brussels. Belgium.


Séoul International Computer Music Festival. Opera Hall. Sookmyung Women's University. S. Korea.


20 Jahre Inventionen - Berliner Festival. Parochialkirche. Berlin. Germany.


Intorno a Beethoven International Festival. Chiesa Santa Chiara. Cagliari. Italy.

Arioso Dolente/Beethoven op.110 (premiere). Commissioned by Amici della Musica di Cagliari.


Electroacoustic Equinox. Electronic Music Studios. Goldsmiths College. University of London. UK.


The Cutting Edge-BMIC. The Warehouse. London.UK.


New Music for Sound Sculptures. Sadler's Wells Opera Theatre. London. UK.

Rhapsody on a Windy Night. For soprano (Frances Lynch), sound sculptures (Derek Shiel) and tape. Finalist of the New Music for Sound Sculptures Contest.


Images - Real and Imaginary I. Department of Music. City University. London. UK.


VIII Festival Acousmatic International L'Espace du Son. Théâtre Marni. Brussels. Belgium.


Musica Electroacustica Hoy. Universidad de Moron-Instituto de Musica y Multimedia. Moron. Argentina.


EAF-Electronic Arts Focus. 291 Gallery. London. UK.

Organised by EAF.


Soundscapes: Real and Imaginary. Department of Music. City University. London. UK.


4th Sonic Arts Network Annual Conference. Queens University, Belfast. Ireland.


Making New Waves Festival. Trafo Theatre. Budapest. Hungary.


Concert of electroacoustic music. Conservatorio Superior de Musica Joaquin Rodrigo. Valencia. Spain.


2nd Symposium on Music Informatics. Ionian Academy. Corfu. Greece.


Music in December (Μουσικός Δεκέμβρης). Ionian Academy. Corfu. Greece.


International Symposium on Electronic Art. ISEA (Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts) και ART3000. Forum des Images, UNESCO. Paris. France.


Elektro-Akoestisch Concert. Logos Foundation. Gent. Belgium.


4th International Summer Meeting of Electro-acoustic Music. Nadasly Castle. Hungary.


Collage Jukebox 2.1. Université de Lille. France.


ISMEAM 2000. The Electroacoustic Music Studio of the Hungarian Radio. Budapest. Hungary.


Ars Musica Festival. Chapelle de Boondael. Brussels. Belgium.


3rd Sonic Arts Network Annual Conference, 2000. University of Newcastle. UK.

With grants provided by the Sonic Arts Network.


1st Week of Electronic Music. Municipal Theatre. Corfu. Greece.


VI Festival Acousmatic International L'Espace du Son. Théâtre du Grand Midi. Brussels. Belgium.

Participation in Michel Redolfi’s concert.


Ear of the Sea - International Seascapes Collection 1999. KIASMA Museum of Modern Art. Helsinki. Finland.

La Mer.


Musica Electroacustica y Video en   Grecia. Salon des Actes. Valencia. Spain.


1st Symposium on Music Informatics. Department of Music Studies. Ionian University. Corfu. Greece.


Rien à Voir Festival de la Musique Contemporaine. Théâtre la Chapelle. Montreal. Canada.


Electroacoustic Music Concert. Planétarium. Amsterdam. Holland.

La Mer. Participation in Michel Redolfi’s concert.


ICMC '97 International Computer Music Conference. International Expo of Thessaloniki. Greece.

La Mer. Within the frame of "Thessaloniki-Cultural Capital of Europe".