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Zoes' Soundscapes

This is a maypole of floating sounds, sonic rumours and wandering soundscapes. They are neither soundmarks nor sounds of cultural importance which merit preservation. They are just short bits of sonic memory, no more than one minute long each, which I have recorded whilst running after tennis balls never managed to catch.

zois wet11.jpg

Name: Zoes the Dog.

Breed: Tennis Ball Hound.

Occupation: Tennis ball hunting.

In my spare time: Hunting tennis balls (or any yellow spherical item prancing around).

My dream day: Visiting the tennis ball department in a sports store.


Cagliari, Sardegna

Visiting for the Erasmus joint research project "the soundscapes we live in"

During the Tempo Reale Festival SUONO VIVO Y 2018

Mytilini, Lesvos

During the Hellenic Acoustic Ecology Conference 2016

New York

In February - March 2012 I spent some time at the New York University invited by the clarinetist Esther Lamneck. We worked together on my piece "7 Spaces of Ether". I also had the opportunity to work with the young and talented musicians of the New Music and Dance Ensemble who improvised on some of my works.

Lyon, France

Visiting for the Erasmus joint research project "the soundscapes we live in"


Erasmus+ research

Istanbul airport

Costa Rica

In 2010, after an invitation from Otto Castro, I spent a few days in Tortuguero rain forest with Gregorio Jimenez Paya trying to record howler monkeys. During the rainy season it was almost impossible to avoid rain drops in the recordings. Amazingly verdant landscapes.

Havana, Cuba

During Primavera en Havana Festival

A sudden explosion in plaza de la Catedral in Havana Vieja, 2007.

Cuban Bolero in Havana Vieja, 2007.

Mexico City or Morelia?

During Visiones Sonoras Festival

Well, to tell the truth, I'm not sure whether this plaza is in Mexico City or Morelia, Michoacan in central Mexico. Visiones Sonoras Festival in 2007 took place in both cities. It was certainly after a number of tequila sangritas! A company of men and women, having fun late at night, 2007.


Valencia & Madrid

Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport

Shanghai, China

Igoumenitsa to Corfu on a ferry

Beijing, China

In 2006, Beijing was in the midst of a development boom in preparation for the 2008 Olympics. Much of the ancient city of narrow alleyways and the hutongs disappeared under the wrecking ball. Two daily sounds caught my ear: the noise of rubble and the transportation of wood for the restaurants' fireplaces. Here are some short recordings of the later. Beijing still remains my favourite city.

Corfu old town
Corfu Easter celebrations

Magoulades, Corfu

Lake Prespes
North Greece


North Corfu

Corfu Beaches

Antinioti Lagoon, North Corfu

Between 2004 and 2006,the Electroacoustic Music Lab (Music Dep., Ionian University) contacted a research project on Corfiot soundscapes. After 2 years and millions of mosquito bites we ended up with hours of recordings. This is a sound of distant and near frogs, recorded at the shoreline of the lagoon

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